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My teacher told me to go where no daylight and cargo carrying too many clothes, but I 'm discreet. 2lipstube My bag contained my usual tricks, the mood, my dildo anal, blindfolded and a package of wipes. I wore my leather harness, collars, boots and red long coat to 2lipstube hide. My master picked me up and took it, I always said no plans for the day, kept in the dark, not allowed to know what to expect. We traveled over an hour through the streets, what can only be a car, I started to feel anxiety. My teacher noticed the fear begins to show on my face, which seemed to glow 2lipstube with anticipation. all I could do, was the recollection 2lipstube of the conversations I have had to remember trying to figure out what was in stock, which gave no clues as to what I wanted to try to guess it was like Christmas, which in the thin paper. We moved to a deep, dark forest, but there is no sign of slowing. Where was below me, this trip was no sign of a pretty piCNIC in the field. Finally, have slowed down as we went to what looked like an abandoned farm, a lot of empty buildings that had not seen life in years. We left, I was responsible for carrying my bag and walk to the barn, do not look back. When I walked into the barn, which was full of gadgets old farm in the corner was an old butcher block table type, the dense forest, but the signs of age. set my bag down and went to the barn to get an idea of its history, the smell of hay, which began to relax. Finally, my lord, with his big bag of tricks arrived, had a look in his eyes while he was in some kind of mission. Both excited and scared me. I took her hand and pulled me to the other side, in which two metal hooks on the wall. He tied and put me in a box in the achievement and I was hooked to the wall. My master began to play, lick my nipples, teasing my clit, biting back. He brought his floggers and spent the next 10 minutes flogging my chest, my clitoris and my thighs. Once he had calmed down by this intensive session, I was blindfolded and turned to stare at the wall, still in the box. increased my senses, I was able to field moisture and the smell of my lord, not sure what to expect once again, why so mysterious and so isolated ? I heard footsteps crunching on 2lipstube the bones and the orientation of the branches, sounded further away from the teacher. My skin is tightened at the thought that someone else was with us. Suddenly I felt the hot breath on 2lipstube my neck, tongue kissing my back and rub his tail against my ass. had a deep feeling that he was someone who did not know, my aura was a tingle of excitement and fear. My master began to instructions, feed these strangers, came to me and make me scream your finger, and then jerk off on me, teasing me. This stranger was singing, I knew immediately I was excited, I realized I wanted more. My master was in front of me, fingers, kissed my breasts and told me that agWood bitch and do what we ask our guests. is 'guest ' started, my fingers ass as my finger, my Lord, pussy, my hair up and the mysterious man told me he loved me, my teacher told me I do, as I said! Finally, after much teasing our guest pushed his cock in my pussy and pushed hard and fast, sir masturbated against my clit while licking my breasts. The stranger pulled his hair as he fucked me, hanging as if her 2lipstube life depended on it. My teacher came to me in the 2lipstube milk and rubbed on the stomach and chest. All I could hear what was being complained about the front and back, taken from our customers and splurted juice in the back and buttocks and hit my ass and moan. was leaking on both sides, covered with sticky man juice and heat not to look at the situation. Our guest took a step back and saw that the Master frees me from the wall, I pulled into the thick wooden table and lay down. Master grabbed me hard and fast, I feel as if the difficulties, to 2lipstube a close. Once again I coverd of semen straw that I love everything about me and tell me what 2lipstube was a dirty bitch. was quiet, I think our guests were gone, I could hear the champion rummaging in his pocket, came out of my towel and told me to wash, and it was dirty. filled and dressed and took me by the hand and led me back to the car. went home in silence.
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